5 Tips to Pass Your Exams

As you probably know by now, I am a college student. So I know how overwhelming classes and exams can sometimes be..

So here are a few tips that will help you maximize your change to pass your classes !


1. Study regularly

That is the NUMBER ONE tip ! If you don’t want to feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of classes — and lessons — you need to study for when it’s time for midterms or final exams, you absolutely need to study regularly as you go over the course of the semester.

It is actually not that complicated, you just need to learn how to be organized and self-disciplined — luckily for you, I’ve already written a post on the subject so you have no excuse not to learn ! Make a habit of reviewing all your lectures  and redoing all the exercises you did for the day at the end of it — or as soon as you’re done with a course for the day.

2. Do lots of exercises

The best way to learn is to train by doing exercises. You cannot understand a course simply by reading your lessons. You need to do exercises because you learn best by making mistakes which can only happen if you try.

3. Go to lectures

Listen, I know 8:30 am lectures are extremely annoying — honestly, the further we are in the semester, the most likely I am to be late to those — but, they are essential to go to especially if you have a photographic memory.

Indeed, if, for instance, you’re attending a math lecture and the professor’s wig fells off while he was lecturing about an important mathematical concept — I know that’s a silly situation that is less likely to happen –, you can be sure that you will remember this concept.

4. Have a study schedule

When you know that an important exam is coming up, take a piece of paper and list all the courses you need to study for — name of the course, name of chapters, number of exercises per chapter. Then take another piece of paper and write down all the days until the last day of your exams.

Mark down the date of your exam for each class and try to spread every single one of the chapters you need to study — and exercises — amongst the days you have until the exam date. Make sure that you don’t overload any day with too many chapters, exercises.

5. Use past exams to study

Unless it is forbidden by your university — which I find absurd, plus it has never been the case for me –, you should save some time — a couple of days before the date of your exam for each class — in your study schedule in order to work on past exams.

Do them while taking in consideration the time you will be given to do your exam and then correct yourself — you can even grade yourself if you know the marking scheme used by your professors.


Studying is great but for it to be efficient, you need to balance your life correctly by allowing yourself time to relax and socialize ! So don’t forget to go out !


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Thanks for your support !


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