5 Tips to Become Organized and Self-Disciplined

Organization and self-discipline are life skills everyone should have. Indeed, without them there’s little one can do and keep on doing for long periods of time.

Whether you’re on diet or you’re starting a business — and want it to be successful –, it simply won’t work if you can’t stick to it.

So here are a few ways for you to acquire these two essential skills.

1. Try to make it a habit

Let’s say that you want your apartment to be clean. You just have to do a little every day and make it habit. You can commit to making your bed every morning, washing the dishes — yeah, I don’t own a dishwasher — before you go to sleep, vacuuming in the morning..

Just make these things habits. At first it’ll be hard but after a while you won’t even notice that you’re doing these little thing every day.

2. Make it fun or reward yourself after

For instance, if you don’t like cleaning, you can do it while listening to music and dancing — if you like to do so of course. Moreover, if you tell yourself that after you’re done with this task you can go out to a nice restaurant — or whatever — it’ll give you a little more motivation to get  rid of your procrastination habit.

3. Make it less time-consuming

If you’re really busy, you can find ways to do much in little time. For example, if you always eat outside because you don’t have time to cook, you could grocery shop and cook all your food for the week on the weekend. This way, you won’t have to think each day about what you’re going to it — and it’s a good way to start eating healthy !

4. Write it down

I tend to forget many of the things I need to do so I usually schedule or write everything in my phone. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or simply taking the trash out — that’s definitely me — if you write it down or even have an alert that reminds you to do these things, — better — you won’t forget.

5. Stop procrastinating

That’s a BIG one ! Every time you have to do something and catch yourself thinking “ huum nah, I’ll just do it later ” — or something like that — stand up and do it right away ! Because if you don’t, that thing you need to do will just be left hanging there until a deadline — or something else — rushes you into doing it.

To be organized and self-disciplined you need to want it. If you’re not willing to take actions, you won’t succeed. These tips can help you but you are — and always are — the first one that can help yourself.

I hope you’ve liked this post. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have anything to say :).


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