9 Tips to Survive in the Summer Heat

So, I live in Paris. And right now it is crazy hot — I mean 36°C / 97°F. I am not a crazy-hot-type-of-weather girl at all. I like fresh cool to warm air. I like winter — mostly because even though they are essential to our ecosystem, I hate insects — and fall, and the beginning of spring. Summer is fun when it’s not too hot during the day and when everyone is outside and stuff at night.

Unfortunately, I live in a small studio — student life eh-eh — with no air conditioning and bad insulation. I am literally DYING in the heat.

So here are a few tips that I have helped me survive so far.

1. Drink LOTS of water


That’s my NUMBER ONE — numero uno, nummer eins, numéro un — tip ! Unless you want to die out of dehydration you MUST drink water !

2. Eat LOTS of raw dishes


Nothing feels better than a nice cool salad ! Plus you can add whatever you want in it ! Here are some recipes to get you started.

3. Buy an air conditioner


Hey, if you’ve got the money to buy one please do ! Honestly I wish they would make small portable A/Cs for less than 100€. That would make my life so much easier !

4. Buy a fan


One is more affordable than an air conditioner so buy one if you can as it helps a little. However, you shouldn’t sleep with a fan facing you all night long unless you want to wake up with a sore throat.. Try to direct it towards something other than yourself — personally I can’t sleep with noise so I just turn it off when I feel like I’m falling asleep.

5. Your shower is your best friend


Indeed, a nice cool shower feels REALLY REALLY good. But don’t take an ice-cold shower unless you want to get sick — I’ve had to learn the hard way and I promise you it’s no fun..

You can also spray some water on your skin — or just splash some on your face, arms, legs and belly — and stand in front of your fan — not too long in order not to fall ill.

6. Get out of your apartment


Okey, don’t stand in the sun all day but try to go to a place like a mall, the cinema, a swimming pool where you can get the benefits of an air conditioner or cool water — it’s even better when it’s for free.

7. Close your curtains


You want to keep your curtains closed at all cost to prevent the heat from coming in. If you’ve got window shutters, — sadly that’s not my case — keep them closed too.

8. Open your windows at night


This one is absolutely key especially when you have no A/C. The air is usually cooler at night so it can really help to have your windows wide open for at least an hour or two before you go to sleep — yeah I can’t sleep when I’m too hot either..

9. Go on vacation in the opposite hemisphere


If you really REALLY can’t stand the heat and need a shot of cold wheather — and you’ve got the money to do so — why not go on vacation in a country where it’s currently fall/winter ?

I hope you’ve liked these tips. Don’t hesitate to add more of them in the comment section below :).


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