Why Understanding Money Is Crucial

Finance. Personal finance. I have discovered this field not to long ago. Actually in the recent months I have grown an interest for money. Indeed, I realized that I was using money every day without even knowing what it was, how it was created or how it came to be.

To me, using something without knowing about it is a bad thing. I like being able to control my environment — to  a certain extent of course because I can’t control everything. You can only control what you understand. So how can I go about my day using and depending on money without even knowing what it is ?

Moreover, I don’t want to depend on money in the sense that I don’t want it to limit me and control me. There’s no need to argue about the fact that money is needed in this world and that without money, it’s hard to be and feel free. However, I want to be able to do things and create things without being held back by the amount of money I have in the bank.

Everyone should be able to take a vacation from time to time or do things they really want to do without worrying about money.

No one should live paycheck to paycheck.

No one should lose their home or not be able to eat a healthy meal just because they’ve been laid off.

That’s why I am trying to learn more about personal finance and ways to diversify your income.

I don’t want Money to be my master, I want to master Money. But to master money, I have to understand it, learn about it to control it and make the best financial decisions possible.

I would have loved to have learned about money earlier on like in school or as a mandatory class at university. However, the Internet is full of free information about everything and anything so I have to educate myself to become the best responsible adult possible.

Youtube is full of interesting documentaries so here are a few good ones :

Four Horsemen

97% Owned

This book I’m currently reading is related to this 97% Owned documentary :

Modernising Money : Why our monetary system is broken and how it can be fixed

If you happen to have come across  good documentaries to watch or books to read, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section :).


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